The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Collective

Join the club of women working toward achieving peace via hope, healing and holistic wellness. Marquisha&Co. presents The Sanctuary Collective. This group meets bi-weekly to discuss matters of the mind and matters of the heart. The collective is a set of women working collaboratively to push, pray and prepare for the life they are manifesting. The Sanctuary Collective is a paid, members ONLY club and exclusive extension of Marquisha & Co.

Key benefits of The Sanctuary Collective include:

  • A pathway toward healing designed by a certified counselor and practitioner.
  • Customized plans toward success, healing, and personal development.
  • Exclusive access to the annual Marquisha & Co. retreat.
  • Ongoing mentorship in a community of women who have been vetted, verified and deemed valuable assets to the community.
  • Collective support, networking and invaluable resources that spans personal and professional disciplines.
  • Admittance to members ONLY events.
  • FREE access to Marquisha & Co. services, workbooks, and e-courses.

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