Interactive Self-Improvement Workbook


Interactive self-improvement workbook that covers concepts of self-love, self-care, healing, forgiveness, goal setting & more. Workbook includes self-assessments, thought provoking and self-reflective activities, and extra goal setting, journal writing, worksheet templates!

Pray | Plan | Prepare


This January-December 2023 calendar year planner is perfect for organization, task prioritization, spiritual centeredness, and goal setting. Each page prompts daily, weekly or monthly to-do lists, prayer meditations, goals and other customizable checklists. The M&Co. planner is a one-stop shop for your task management needs. Item details: 8.5 x 11 | 60 pages


Give the Gift of M&Co.

In our virtual climate, gift giving doesn’t look the way it used to. Now, more than ever, our loved ones need gifts that remind them that they’re loved, they’re cared for, they’re seen and that they matter. With Marquisha&Co. offerings, that’s exactly what they’ll get. Whether they purchase a counseling or coaching session, planner or journal, self improvement workbook or package, they’re sure to feel loved, cared for, seen and like they matter. Purchase a M&Co. gift card for someone you love today!

Gift cards range in price from $25-$500.