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Sister to Sister, The Podcast is an audio platform that focuses on the deep, necessary, laughable, real, and painful conversations about relationships, self-care, self-love, parenting, boundaries & MORE, that sisters of color can relate to. You can learn more about the Podcast, listen to the trailer & explore all episodes on Anchor.

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A Mother's Legacy Sister to Sister

This episode is a raw and candid sharing of motherhood from the perspective of Dr. Marquisha Frost, mother of 3 and host of Sister to Sister, The Podcast. This episode discusses motherhood as it's been experienced, lived, and navigated by Dr. Frost and invites mothers everywhere to share their experiences and thoughts about mothering and motherhood by sending a message to the show. Those interested, can participate here.
  1. A Mother's Legacy
  2. That Jada & That Will Love?
  3. Sisterhood Defined
  4. Sister to Sister, an Introduction
  5. Sister to Sister (Trailer)

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