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Step into a better version of yourself! Do you want a different set of life circumstances or to completely shift your way of thinking? Well, coaching services are right for you! Book this service to build capacity toward upward mobility. It requires structure, support & sound advice. I take pride in adequately providing all 3. If you’re ready to LEVEL UP, book a coaching session!


Want help managing your academic needs, stress, depression, anxiety, grief, self-esteem, anger, relationships & more? Take advantage of our customizable counseling session packages to help you navigate all that life has dealt you. Counseling services aid you in specific focus areas over a limited amount a time. Get focused! Get well!


Need expert advice to shift workplace culture, introduce wellness practices or reposition your group, organization, company or other entity toward success? This is the service for you! Consulting services include counseling and coaching components as well as alignment mapping and FREE trainings. Let’s get started.


I offer three packages to service needs that require multiple sessions to provide a sense of regularity, on-going support, and in-depth unpacking of client experiences, wants, needs, and goals. For more information on package availability and pricing, click here.

Counseling, coaching and consulting services via Marquisha&Co. is not right for everyone. While we believe that all people could benefit from counseling, coaching and consulting services, we also understand that fit is a crucial indicator for and toward client success.

Services offered via Marquisha&Co. are right for those that are interested in centering wellness as they work toward capacity building by way of counseling techniques or coaching focused development. Our services are best geared toward those who are accountable, ready to improve and open to exploring alternative ways to achieve the highest level of self-satisfaction.

If you’re still not sure whether or not The Co. is the way to go, please use the link below to schedule a complimentary, 30-minute, success or wellness call to learn more and assess if this company is right for you!

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Working with Marquisha completely changed the way I view, navigate and experience life. I am so grateful that she has decided to step into a space where she’s offering these amazing services openly and regularly. After losing myself and everything I worked so hard for, I thought I couldn’t afford to get help. She showed me that I can’t afford not to.

Alexis Neal