This free online offering includes a series of prompts that aid clients in navigating the M&Co. self improvement workbook. Let’s work together to improve. A better you starts here!

Bias & Boundaries


A deep dive into self identify development and the art of boundary setting. This course aids clients in unpacking who they are to help identify key strengths and areas of improvement toward becoming their best possible selves.

Advancement Bootcamp


Achieving a dream job happens by investing into the dream. Are you ready to take your life or your career to the next level? Then the advancement bootcamp is right for you.

Synchronous Sanctuary


This online offering includes a combination of online learning & real time sessions to help fast track self improvement strategies and practices that’ll have you progressing toward your best possible self in as little as 6 weeks. Ready? Sign up now!

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Marquisha & Co. a better you starts here.


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