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Sisterhood in the Sanctuary

Last weekend I found myself living out a moment that I had dreamed about again and again and again. I envisioned a sweet celebration and launch of The Marquisha&Co., girl-gang, extension, The Sanctuary Collective. I prepared for everything, but the overwhelming feeling of gratitude and the influx of support from long-time friends and complete strangersContinue reading “Sisterhood in the Sanctuary”

To be or not to be VP?

Over the last several months, I have had the pleasure of helping others build capacity to be present in and lead lives, that they are proud of. I have supported them in their efforts toward building capacity for self-improvement, healing, wellness, hope, and balance among other things. In doing so, I have likewise worked toContinue reading “To be or not to be VP?”

What’s on my Desk

I spend more and more time at my desk these days, doing everything from preparing the family taxes to working on this blog. Because of this, my workspace is constantly changing. Holding the clutter at bay is challenging, so I prefer to keep nearby only a few quality items that serve multiple purposes over aContinue reading “What’s on my Desk”


Sometimes we wait for a challenge, when all along the greatest one we’ll ever face, the one to become our greatest selves, is waiting on us.


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The very change we want to see across the world and in and with those we love most, begins with us. While that reality either leads many of us to depression and others of us to greatness, there is a balance between the two. Let Marquisha & Co. help you achieve that balance and so much more!

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