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Who I am:

I’m Dr. Marquisha Frost–servant, black woman, wife, mama of 3, creator, student affairs & higher education professional, professor and certified life coach, counselor, and consultant. I am an avid supporter of hope, healing, happiness, and holistic wellness! I spend my days working to find solutions to digital teaching and learning challenges in academic spaces and my nights and weekends navigating personal and professional challenges with my clients! In between time, I own, manage, and operate a non-profit organization, Queens Do Things Inc., a community organization focused on highlighting the voices, experiences, and needs of women and girls of color.

We all know people who help others achieve their goals, who inspire friends and family to persevere in the face of adversity, and refuse to allow them to wallow in the seeming security of a mediocre job or life. They inspire others to greatness by gentle persuasion, constant encouragement, or a kind of in-your-face inducement. In a nutshell, that is who I am. I believe that it’s a myth that the reason so many people never accomplish their goals is because they don’t really want them, or don’t want them badly enough. People use my coaching, counseling and consulting services for the same reason that they use sports coaches or personal trainers: they want someone to work with them, to encourage them, to push them. It’s easy to find excuses for not exercising when you don’t have someone to push you; not as easy when your personal trainer shows up at your door three times a week wearing a jogging suit. Think of me as you personal trainer for personal, professional, or academic strength conditioning.

At 18 years old, I became pregnant with my first child. I was senior class president at a small public high school. The expectation of many was that I would find a job and mother–throwing away any expectation of collegiate matriculation, a career or advancement of my many high school accolades. Well, they were wrong. I went on to mother and matriculate simultaneously and completed a BA, MS, M.Ed. and Ph.D. My journey has been anything but linear and far from perfect, but it is one that has provided me with the tools necessary to dream BIG, navigate uncharted territory, overcome, persevere, and connect with so many amazing individuals. It is this experience, coupled with my professional background, God-given gifts and natural knack for serving others that have positioned me to lend help via Marquisha&Co. services.

What I do:

My job is to provide objective, unbiased feedback to clients. I do not judge or determine what clients should do or what they need, but act as a facilitator so that they can figure it out for themselves. Well-meaning though they may be, friends and family members may think that they know what is best for someone, and their ideas often conflict with what the individual thinks is best for himself or herself. I offer my clients advising and services that free them from expectations imposed on them by others.

I can help people who are trying to do too much, and guide them towards what they would really like to be doing, and what gives them the most satisfaction. Often clients find that it is not what they are currently doing at all.

People sometimes spend their entire lives doing what they are told that they should do, what their parents expect of them, or what they think that society expects of them. What about doing what they really want? Some of them have been caught up in this cycle for so long that they are not even sure what they want. But they can still find out. My only agenda is self-improvement, everything else, I leave up to the client.

Another big area of service for Marquisha&Co. is balance. Many of my clients are already successful people, many whose upper level positions in the corporate world have left them feeling isolated. They want someone who is both willing to listen and provide honest, sometimes blunt, feedback. They need to hear what employees and subordinates won’t tell them, and that is where I come in!

My desire through this platform is to create opportunities for people to access the many services I am so proud to provide. In my 10+ years of serving as a practitioner, I have counseled hundreds of students, families, youth groups, and others. I specialize in building relationships, servicing the needs of others, and helping people create the lives they want to lead. Much of my professional experience has been serving in leadership positions across institutions of higher education. Additionally, my experiences range in interests and platforms from academic environments, churches, youth groups and behavioral institutions. My focus via Marquisha&Co. is to make accessible, all that I have to offer the world. Primarily, this site will function as a space for providing 1:1 and group coaching, counseling, and consulting in personal, academic, and career related areas so individuals can achieve their self-defined levels of success in a way that’s healthy and holistic!

Spoiler Alert: This is NOT Therapy

My coaching, counseling, and consulting services ARE NOT THERAPY. While the services mirror services you might access via a therapist, the focus and foundational approach differ. Counseling services mirror therapeutic exercises and practices but I am not a licensed therapist and I do not pretend to function as one.

The primary difference is that therapy works towards understanding why a person is behaving in particular ways in order to come to a place of mental wellness; coaching is more geared towards how a person can make behavioral changes to reach a particular goal. Secondly, therapy digs into the past, in order to establish the roots of current issues. Life coaching and counseling services offered via M&Co. occasionally explores a client’s past, but does so in order to recall successes and sources of inspiration, not instances of past trauma or abuse that may have triggered current behaviors. I start with the client’s present and work with them toward a better future.

I have a background in mental health, crisis, and counseling support and am a certified counselor and certified life coach. Still, those with severe mental health challenges, should seek therapy versus counseling, coaching, and consulting services. Services offered via M & Co. can work in tandem with those already in therapy and or those formerly enrolled.

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“I’ve been working with Dr. Frost since I was a sophomore in high school. I don’t want to know where I would be without her. She is a woman of her word and a force to be reckoned with.”

Anna L.

“I feel so fortunate to have someone sensible, empathetic and super knowledgable helping me improve myself. I’ve been to therapy, I tried a life coach, none of them could help me in every area I needed it. Her skill set is superior and the service provided is worth every penny.”

Danielle K.

“I have grown tremendously through the services Marquisha offers. Everything can be falling a part, but the moment I connect with her, it’s well again! “

Sydney J.

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