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Like Metal to a Magnet

There’s been much said about the power of the tongue. There’s been much said about the power of speaking good things & trusting that you are deserving of good things. I believe in the power of manifestation and how God allows the universe and our intentions to align when we’re walking in our purpose and trusting His way and His will. We likewise trust that we attract those things which we are. Our actions, our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs about ourselves, our beliefs about others and our attitudes regarding self-worth all help to shape the reality that we regularly function within.

Blogging has taught me so much about the power of sharing. It’s taught me so much about the power of giving, the power of authenticity and the power of healthy outlets like blogging. It’s likewise helped me grow and confront many of my own unhealthy habits and thought patterns. It’s taught me to lean on my faith a little more and to trust that the process–no matter how hard, no matter how exhausting, no matter how draining or how challenging–is not to be cheated. . . there’s power in GROWing through things. It’s also taught me to trust that like metal to a magnet, everything that I am supposed to attract, I will attract.

When I was dating, I remember talking to my girlfriends about the power of attraction. I remember sharing with them when I thought I had finally found my match. I remember sharing with them my disappointment about my relationships. I remember crying to them about heartbreak and I remember how draining it was. Even the times I’d consider good were few and far between and often involved me being less than whole. I’ve grown a lot since then and what is very apparent to me is that throughout life, I’ve attracted those things that are like me. When I was broken, I attracted broken men, broken friends, broken perspectives and broken habits. As I evolved, I started to attract the things I sought: light, love, healthy relationships, different perspectives, healthy habits. There’s so much that we as women can accomplish when we allow ourselves to be whole. When we work toward healing and work to satisfy our own psychological and emotional needs. It helps us to reach our highest potential and attract those things that we so deserve–stability, success, healthy relationships with ourselves and with others and the capacity to experience life through a lens that isn’t bent and broken. We don’t completely remove our insecurities, but we can better manage them and work to overcome them.

Like metal to magnet, the things we manifest find themselves to us. I saw something on Instagram that read, When I feel abundant, abundance finds me. This is also true of everything else. When you feel whole, wholeness finds you. When you feel loved, love finds you. When you feel open, opportunities and light find you. It is likewise true then, that when you feel hopeless, it seems despair finds you. When you feel broken, brokenness finds you. My mom always says, “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. . . ” and like metal to a magnet, the law of attraction says, positive or negative thoughts, bring positive or negative experiences to a person’s life.

In high school we had something called SENIOR SUPERLATIVES. This was the voting process by which seniors are named most likely to succeed, least likely to go to college, best dressed, most liked etc. I remember this process vividly because I was so annoyed to find out I was voted Most Optimistic. What the hell? I thought to myself. What have these people been doing the last four years? Don’t they know who I am? Class president, four-year varsity letterman, pretty, popular, athletic, well liked, over-involved (Hello, a badass!) Anyways–it wasn’t until our 10-year high school reunion that I appreciated the sentiments my peers had trusted much before I’d be able to acknowledge the power of optimism, which is hopefulness or confidence about the future or a successful/positive outcome regarding a matter.

The law of attraction, manifestation and optimism are all connected. Think of a situation you wished you would have handled differently. Perhaps it was something you said or did that made matters worse. I can almost guarantee that whatever it was, started with a thought. Our thoughts are so incredibly powerful. By the grace of God we function so fluidly we sometimes forget the intricacies of them. Consider Covid-19 for example, if you’re anything like me the inconveniences have been too many to count. We miss going to our favorite stores, restaurants, salons traveling and spending time with people with enjoy spending time with among other things. However, optimism says that in the midst of Covid-19 I am grateful for good health. I am grateful to have time at home and to be essential to my family. I am grateful for employment and that all of my needs and the needs of those I love, are met. Manifestation must include finding joy in the mess. It says right now isn’t as bad as it could be, but the future is going to be better and here’s how. The next time you’re considering how bad something is, or feels, try to find gratitude in it. . . it’s my go-to mechanism and like metal, to a magnet. . . when I am feeling grateful, gratitude finds me.

I think the only thing better than manifesting good things is to do it intentionally and without limits. What you hope to manifest doesn’t have to look like someone else’s life. . . manifest BIG for YOU & make space to receive all that will come as a result of your trusting in the process, intentionally and consistently speaking what you want into the atmosphere, saying no to everything that doesn’t align with that & then making room to receive it. My pastor preached a message years ago about how we (the people of God) sometimes go to God like small children go to their parents and ask for things that we’re not ready to receive. We ask for financial increase, but mismanage what we have. We ask for life-partners, but don’t know how to love ourselves. We ask for a new car, but won’t appreciate the one that currently gets us to and from. The list is extensive. I trust that manifestation works the same way. In requesting all that we can think of, we ought to also consider what we’ll do with it. Who else will it benefit? How will it change the way you consider and treat yourself? What difference will what you’re hoping to manifest make in your life and the life of other people?

While it may look like 1M Instagram followers, a hefty sum in the bank, a thriving YouTube channel, a big house and life that’s appealing to the public, what manifestation really requires us to do is be humble, consistent and intentional in private. Manifestation challenges us to call those things as if they were. It challenges us to see beyond our circumstances of and what’s in front of us and dream up what could be. Manifestation, in my opinion, is the power of faith in action. It is the trusting of an abstract thing.

I spoke to a group of youth for a Texas wide youth summit almost two weeks ago. We discussed healing and growth and when the host finished sharing my polished bio, I talked to them about the experiences they aren’t going to see in my professional biography. I talked to them about the times I fell down and the steps I took to get back up. I talked to them about the importance of seeing themselves as deserving and worthy of good things. We discussed manifestation and how speaking good things despite the bad that’s happening, is a powerful tool and coping mechanism. The youth shared who they hope to be and what they hope to accomplish. While to some it may have appeared to be a meaningless activity, there’s power in actually S P E A K I N G things into the atmosphere. Sometimes naming what you’re experiencing, what you want, and what you’re hoping for, makes it achievable, makes it known to others, but also makes it real.

I encourage each and every person who reads this particular blog post to write down and speak what they’re hoping to manifest. Whether it be for this year, next year, right now etc.- – name it and give it voice. There’s power in that. I pray everything you request is in alignment with what God has for you and that you prepare to receive it. I pray that you trust in the power of manifestation and like metal to a magnet, may it come to you. . .

Dr. Marquisha Frost

certified life-coach + counselor + consultant

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